Star Wars: Billy Dee Williams Celebrates Lando Calrissian Adidas Shoes

Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams is very happy to see a Lando Calrissian-inspired pair of shoes [...]

Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams is very happy to see a Lando Calrissian-inspired pair of shoes on sale this year. Adidas has a large partnership with Lucasfilm and has been rolling out a number of models with special colorways for the holiday season (you can find them all here at Adidas for $110 to $180). The footwear giant laced Williams' pair up with some light blue, black, and gold details. These NMD models are all about comfort, so it makes all the sense to have the smoothest man in the galaxy as the inspiration. The model sits on Adidas' Boost cushioning system. One of the most striking parts of this particular pair is the packaging. Adidas tried to make each pair feel like a gift by having the boxes mimic action figure boxes and the effect is hard to ignore.

Williams was having a blast during The Rise of Skywalker and the energy comes through on film. He told GQ about how J.J. Abrams asked him back.

"J.J. called me and I went down to his office. We were going to meet at my house, but I decided that I wanted to go and meet him at his office. And so we just sat and talked, and he told me that he wanted me to participate in this third trilogy," Williams shared. "And I just chuckled and said, 'Sure. Of course.' Certainly [I wanted] an opportunity to work with J.J. because he is a sensational human being. He's great to work with when he's out there. His brain just continues. Never stops. And so you never have an opportunity to really slow down. You just keep building the momentum."

He added, "In the beginning, I had a two-picture deal. That's all I knew. And then I moved on to something else. But there are things about the character [in Rise of Skywalker] I think that you probably didn't see in the earlier stuff. I think you'll see a little bit more depth."

Adidas describes these sneakers:

"Well, what have we here? Someone must've told you about his little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab. The smoothest character in the Star Wars galaxy was the inspiration behind this redesign of the iconic NMD silhouette – Lando Calrissian. Everything you heard about 'em is true. Issued in collaboration with Lucasfilm, this NMD shoe is one of four sneakers that celebrate the 40th Star Wars anniversary of Episode V."

"The hues of Lando's outfit on "The Empire Strikes Back" color this smooth sneaker. His picture on the tongue and one of his famous quotes confirm that this is, in fact, his shoe. Special lace jewels, a poster, the print on the sockliner, and the packaging were all designed to celebrate the occasion. A responsive Boost midsole doesn't just cushion your feet as you walk on the concrete pavements, it gives you energy back with every step you take."

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