Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett Gives the Mandalorian a Major Prequel Trilogy Upgrade

Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett just gave The Mandalorian an upgrade from back in the Prequel Trilogy days *Spolers ahead for the Disney+ series.* Fans were excited last week when that whistle rang out near the end of Episode 4. Now, Din Djarin is here and he's got some new toys to use. Episode 5 of Boba Fett largely serves to fill viewers in on what Mando's been doing since that emotional Season 2 finale. But, a lot of fans are talking about the new ship that Din has in this episode. It seems as though The Mandalorian is touring in an N1 Starfighter these days. (Sadly it's bright yellow paint job has been replaced with the kind of chrome look that fits the character.) So, fans of the 2000s films were being fed well this week.

The Phantom Menace love had another dimension as Mando had to test drive his new ride. And to do that, he took a couple of spins around Beggar's Canyon. Longtime Podracing fans will recognize that Tatooine location from Anakin Skywalker's earlier adventure. (As well as some EU books as well.) The first four episodes of Boba Fett have not been light on nostalgia by any means. But, people were much more excited for this use of Star Wars lore than some of the other decisions made this season. Check out the new ride for yourself right here.

Previously, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to director Robert Rodriguez and series guru Dave Filoni about these new entries and how fans have responded to them. For the brain trust, it's all about having new connection points for the older fans and crafting exciting new beginnings for the younger ones.

"Boba gives us a direct connection to the Star Wars saga since he was involved in that story," Filoni admitted. "This creates a nice crossover point for both classic characters and new characters. Much of The Mandalorian was new, or had not been seen onscreen. Through Boba Fett, we can weave some of those characters and tales together using a character we know but don't know a lot about."

Ming-Na Wen talked about the series with Radio Times as well. She says that the beginning will take on new meaning after the finale.

"I really hope that they want to go back and see the whole thing over again in a different light after, you know, knowing how things have — I'm so careful with my words here, how things have evolved, and all these other elements that have come into play," Wen said. "You know, that's what's so great with [producers] Jon [Favreau] and Dave [Filioni]. They are so knowledgeable about this world, about Star Wars, and they're such huge fans that they know how to set up the pieces and make moves that you don't even know are coming." 

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