Star Wars: The Last Jedi Director Still Releasing Book of Behind-the-Scenes Photos

In addition to recently confirming that he aims to deliver Lucasfilm a trilogy of Star Wars films, Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson also shared that he still has plans to release a book full of his behind-the-scenes photography from the production. Ahead of the film's release in 2017, Johnson would often only offer cryptic looks at the endeavor, only for him to share intimate and hilarious looks at the process of bringing the film to life in the years since the adventure's secrets unfolded for all to see. Other than confirming he was still working on it, no other details about the endeavor have been teased.

Star Wars fan Sariah Wilson, who recently won an auction for a private Zoom conversation with Johnson, shared some of the details of that conversation and the status of the book.

"On the BTS TLJ book - I asked Rian Johnson if that was still coming out. He's seen it and said it's gorgeous. He's been busy writing the first draft of Knives Out 2 and that when he has time he wants to write captions and walk you through the experience of making TLJ," Wilson confirmed on Twitter. "It's coming together, however, Rian wants you to know that it will NOT include the infamous fireman's hold. I also told him that we would love any TLJ behind-the-scenes stuff he wanted to share with us, along with the book."

While this update is surely promising, it's still unknown what type of release the book could be, such as whether it will be officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm or if it is merely a private project Johnson is pursuing. If this book isn't released as a mass publication, we also wouldn't be surprised if it is only released as a limited edition, unlike the various other books that chronicle the making of other Star Wars productions.

In March of 2020, some fans were so enthralled by his photography that they inquired about launching a Kickstarter to fund such a publication, only for Johnson to confirm that an official release was on the horizon. Given the scope and scale of the franchise, Johnson's personal photos have shown the intimacy that can still be felt while crafting a film for the galaxy far, far away.


Stay tuned for details on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes book.

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