All 10 Seasons of Stargate SG-1 Coming to Netflix

Netflix revealed the extensive list of films and television coming to the streaming service in December and among them is all ten seasons of the hit science-fiction series Stargate SG-1 which arrive on December 1st. The series previously appeared on the service way back in 2011 and left once again in 2012, it ping-ponged around to other destinations in the years since and eventually landed at Stargate Command, an all Stargate themed platform created by MGM. The now defunct website was at one time the host for all episodes of Stargate SG-1 plus Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, all three of the feature films, and even a new series, Stargate Origins. The site shuttered at the end of 2019.

For those that aren't familiar with the Stargate franchise, here's the official description for the series: "Step through the stargate with SG-1, a team of soldiers and scientists, as they travel instantaneously to other planets to explore, forge alliances, defuse crises, establish trade, investigate ancient mysteries, and defend Earth from such hostile forces as the Goa'uld, the Replicators, and the Ori."

The Stargate series first back in 1994 with the original from Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. A major success, it brought in over $196 million at the global box office (equivalent to $325 million in 2020 dollars) and spawned the television series from television producer Brad Wright and co-creator Jonathan Glassner. The series ran for 10 seasons, starting in 1997 on Showtime and concluding in 2007 on the Sci-Fi channel. Two direct-to-DVD movies followed, wrapping up unfinished arcs from the series: Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and Stargate: Continuum.

By the time Stargate SG-1 ended, it had already spawned a spinoff series. Stargate Atlantis launched in 2004 and ran for five seasons, ending in 2009. That same year, another new Stargate series, Stargate Universe, debuted. It ran for two seasons, ending in 2011 and ending the franchise's run on television.


Emmerich was previously attached to reboot the franchise for the big screen way back in 2015 but development didn't get very far it seems. Speaking with in an interview, Emmerich said: "I kind of talked a little bit with MGM about Stargate. But I think this is going nowhere because there was another TV show, and they kind of realized that if it's like some sort of a mixed bag."

There's a chance that perhaps the studio used Stargate Origins as a way to test the waters for a new film, but the confusing reception of the Stargate Command platform ended up being more of a curse than a blessing for the franchise's future.