Army of the Dead Star Tig Notaro to Release Animated Comedy Special for HBO

Comedian Tig Notaro is known for an array of great projects ranging from her stand-up to her Amazon original series, One Mississippi. The actor's latest project is Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, which she joined late as a replacement for Chris D'Elia who was cut from the film after being accused of sexually harassing underage girls. However, Army of the Dead is not the only Notaro project to look forward to. According to The Wrap, it was announced this week that she's working on a fully animated stand-up special for HBO, which is being executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres.

"After having had the pleasure of seeing bits and pieces of my comedy animated over the years by some talented artists, I became DRAWN to the idea of creating a fully animated hour," Notaro shared. "Stand-up can be a very solitary art form, so combining it with a collaborative yearslong creative effort was such a joyful experience. I’m so proud of this special and can’t wait for everyone to be fully vaccinated watching with their Nana."

"I’m so excited for everyone to see Tig’s new special," DeGeneres added. "I told her since it was animated that we should have Dory in it, but she awkwardly changed the subject. But it’s still hilarious."

Recently, Zack Snyder was talking to UPROXX about Notaro's role in Army of the Dead, and said adding her into the movie after the fact was an "awesome exercise."


"Maybe I’ll get some kind of technical award as a DP for putting her in that movie because that part was hard," Snyder, who served as his own Director of Photography, shared. "It was funny because I shot the movie in a really super organic way, and I was like, oh, this is going to be cool, available light, and it’s going to be minimal and all this. And then cut to me on the stage, I have to recreate that in the most sterile circumstance possible with the most lights and the most everything. And so it was interesting. You have to really understand where the light is all the time to make it match, and you light the green screens correctly, it’s really problematic, but it was good. It was fun. It was an awesome exercise. And Tig is awesome." He added, "I was shocked that she said yes, frankly. So that was the goodness for me, that she wanted to do it."

Now playing in select theaters, Army of the Dead will be released on Netflix on May 21st. Stay tuned for more details on Notaro's upcoming animated special.