Cobra Kai Creators on Season 6 Plans and Beyond

The saga of the Karate Kids isn't coming to an end any time soon. Cobra Kai, Netflix's ultra-popular Karate Kid sequel series, recently debuted its fourth season, continuing the story of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Despite Season 4 only being a few days old, Season 5 has actually already been ordered and shot, leaving only the post-production process left. There is more Cobra Kai on the horizon, and the series will likely last well beyond the fifth season.

The creative team behind Cobra Kai has already been clear that there are plans beyond Season 5, even though Netflix hasn't officially ordered anything else just yet. During a recent interview with Collider, co-creator and co-showrunner Josh Heald explained that there are already stories in the works past Season 5.

"There are characters and storylines that we've considered that, from the beginning, we would have said, 'Okay, that's a season,' and that storyline ended up being an episode or two. And then there's the opposite of that where you say, 'Okay, this is a season,' and now we're going to extend that into multiple seasons. So we've always looked back at our original plan with open eyes because with so many new branches and so many new characters and interactions and what you're seeing during production when, 'Oh wow, these two people together, there's something interesting about that duo,' you want to lean more into it and when you do lean more into it, it naturally pushes other things along and further out. It's changed at times, but it also hasn't. We still have an endgame plan. We're still writing beyond Season 5. But it's been fun to bring in those new characters and storylines and let them lead the way sometimes."

Josh Hurwitz, another one of the Cobra Kai creators, reiterated that they are looking at at least six seasons of story for the series. 

"We've never said from the beginning how many seasons there would be," Hurwitz said. "I think we always viewed it as at least six was sort of in our heads, but we're still figuring out exactly what the length for that landing is for all the reasons that Josh mentioned."

There will be at least six seasons of Cobra Kai. However, given its immense popularity and the evolution of its characters over the years, there's a chance we could see a whole lot more than that.

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