Community Star Joel McHale Still Has High Hopes For Movie

The beloved sitcom, Community, came to an end back in 2015, and fans of the series have spent the last few years hoping creator Dan Harmon will fulfill the promise of "six seasons and a movie." Discussions of a Community film have been ongoing for years, and the topic has had a resurgence ever since the series was put on Netflix in April of 2020, which was followed by the cast's virtual reunion. recently had the chance to chat with Joel McHale (Jeff Winger) about his upcoming Super Bowl ad, and the actor revealed he still has high hopes that the movie will hapen.

"I will say, I think that it's going to happen," McHale shared. "Like I used to say, 'I don't know.' We used to say, 'Sure, a movie could happen.' But I think more than ever, it actually could. I mean, I always say like, 'Yeah, sure.' I would always be just kind of blase about it, but this is like I think there's a much better chance than there used to be."

During the chat, we also asked him what he thinks Jeff Winger would be up to in 2022.

"Let's see. He's doing that television show with Keith David that they alluded to. What's his name? Wingman," McHale said. "So yeah, they're making a show." also spoke with Ken Jeong, who played Ben Chang on Community, and he gave his own answer to the 2022 question.  "I hope he finally gets to Chang The World," the actor joked.

McHale and Jeong are reuniting this week for a new Super Bowl ad called "Feed the Debate," a Planters Mixed Nuts campaign. The two real-life pals find themselves at odds when it comes to eating Planters. Jeong prefers to go one nut at a time while McHale is a fan of eating them all together. After Jeong gave us his side of the story, McHale had a hilarious rebuttle... 

"He was thrown out of medicine for eating nuts one at a time," McHale joked about the doctor-turned-actor when asked what he thought of Jeong's comments that his way of eating Planters was more "sophisticated." "That's my response. And I would go back to tell the good doctor or the former doctor that they come mixed. If they were meant to be eaten one at a time, then they would come in a very long straw. You could just pick one at a time. They'd be all in a line ... And also, eating them by the handful is like a party. It's a party in your mouth."

Keep an eye out for Jeong and McHale's Super Bowl ad on February 13th.