Doom Patrol: Did SPOILER Die in "Pain Patrol"?

Doom Patrol is back for its second season with the first three episodes now streaming on both DC [...]

Doom Patrol is back for its second season with the first three episodes now streaming on both DC Universe and HBO Max and wastes no time in jumping back into all the wackiness that defined the show's first season. When viewers catch back up with the heroes, they're still dealing with the fallout from their face off with Mr. Nobody which includes the sentient genderqueer teleporting Danny the Street to have reduced down to brick size. While the heroes are restored to normal pretty quickly, Danny remains a brick -- something that may have led to tragedy in "Pain Patrol."

Warning: Spoilers for the third episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Pain Patrol", below.

As the second season gets underway, while the human -- and robot -- members of Doom Patrol start to get on with their lives, as it were, Danny remains in brick form with the assumption that they will eventually expand again to return to being the Danny the Street everyone knows and loves. While Danny remains a brick, however, they're not just left on a shelf. Danny becomes a playmate to Dorothy, along with her "imaginary friends". Left alone at Doom Manor while Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Cliff (Brendan Fraser) go on a road trip and Rita (April Bowlby) and Niles (Timothy Dalton) pay a visit to Red Jack to rescue Larry (Matt Bomer) -- Vic (Joivan Wade) has left the team and gone to Detroit -- Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) engages in a fun game of hide and seek with her friends and Danny.

Given that Danny has teleportation powers, it sounds like a fun game, but something unexpected happens. While playing, Dorothy accidentally drops Danny, breaking them in half -- and it doesn't seem to be something that can be mended. Did Doom Patrol kill Danny the Street, er, Danny the Brick?

Realistically, Danny is probably not dead. The fact that Danny was able to reduce in size from large, thriving Street to being the Brick shows that they can shift in size and dimension and still remain okay. We also saw in flashback that Danny has been other things in the past, such as an Alley in 1920s London. That said, changing size is one thing and being broken in half is something else entirely. That's physical trauma and it might be something that Danny could have a hard time coming back from.

And the idea that Danny can be saved or restored is one that is hinted at in the photos and synopsis for next week's "Sex Patrol". Flex Mentallo (Devan Chandler Long) and the rest of the Dannyzens -- those who resided on Danny the Street in Season 1 -- show up to help their friend by having a huge party that they hope will resuscitate Danny. Of course, while the joy and revelry will certainly be good for Danny, it might mean problems for the Doom Patrol. The SeX Men show up, suggesting that things might get very out of hand. You can check out photos and the synopsis for "Sex Patrol" here.

What do you think? Can Danny be saved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of Doom Patrol land Thursdays on both DC Universe and HBO Max.