Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: Sometimes Sorry Isn't Enough in "Finger Patrol"

Previously on Doom Patrol, the heroes had a party to help resurrect Danny. While the party was a success, it brought up various traumas for the team and also caused some frustration for Dorothy who is still a child, but also so badly wants to be a grown up, too. Oh, and the SeX Men showed up with Jane ultimately saving the world from a Sex Demon. This week, the party's over but the various issues the team has been working through remain, though things seem to be looking up when Dorothy makes a new friend and Larry goes to visit his family. Read on to find out exactly how it all works out in our spoiler-filled recap of "Finger Patrol" below.

Warning: Spoilers for the fifth episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Finger Patrol", below

The episode opens with what appears to be a date between Vic and Roni and things are going well until she suddenly is revealed to have a blaster on her arm like his. It turns out, it's a nightmare and he's really at Doom Manor. Cliff is looking for the missing video tape of The Chief's confession. As he looks, the sex ghosts appear. Elsewhere, Chief is meeting with Jane and she admits that the Underground is mad at her because of her drug use. Chief suggests that they draw a new map of the Underground which prompts Baby Doll to emerge. She is very upset with Chief and upset in general, so he introduces Baby Doll to Dorothy. They're fast friends.

Elsewhere, Rita goes to attempt to audition for the local community theater and ends up doing so at a local nursery. However, in the middle of her monologue, she has flashbacks to her mental block and botches. Back at the Manor, Cliff discovers Chief's plans for Robotman 2.0 which Chief explains would include a sense of touch, but they will take time to work out. Larry makes plans with his living son, Paul, to clean out the home of his recently deceased son, Gary. Rita tells him about her bad audition, and he invites her to come with him to his son's.

As Baby Doll and Dorothy play, Candlemaker speaks to Dorothy as she gets frustrated with Baby Doll. Dorothy confides in Baby Doll that she has friends inside her head and Baby Doll wants to meet them, so she summons her wendigo who she calls Manny. Baby Doll scratches him which upsets Dorothy and she runs off. Cliff tells Vic about Chief's plans to give him a sense of touch and they go to Detroit to talk to Vic's dad. In Indiana, Larry and Rita meet Larry's family, including his grandson and great grandson. Much to Larry's surprise, Paul embraces him.

In the Underground, Hammerhead and Jane debate Baby Doll being up top with Hammerhead concerned about what happens when Chief has to choose between Baby Doll and Dorothy. It's revealed Dorothy is now hiding from Baby Doll. In Indiana, Paul reveals to Larry that his late wife is the one who got Gary into conspiracy theories about him while in Detroit, Vic talks to Cliff about how he can't stop thinking about Roni and he has a plan to win her back, with food. Cliff comes up with a different plan to simply apologize and it actually works. There's also a hilarious faux 70s tv show moment -- Steel and Stone, entirely a product of Cliff's imagination, though when he snaps out of it, he witnesses an actual crime in progress, but his arm freezes as he tries to stop it and he accidentally severs the bad guy's finger which Cliff then keeps.

Jane goes to make sandwiches and Dorothy shows up which prompts Baby Doll to return. While visiting Larry's family, Rita unexpectedly gets a callback for the play after several of the cast come down with mono. Larry ends up coming out to his son. Paul tells him that his mom handled it badly and had always felt anger, something he didn't realize until Gary's funeral. Turns out Paul called the government to come get him. Larry has the Negative Spirit fight back, but while Rita is able to save Larry's great grandson, his grandson Dex is shot. The Negative Spirit takes Rita and Larry away.

In Detroit, Roni reveals that after an IED attack, she ends up working for the government agency Quorum who gave her enhancements but took them away when she made mistakes.

Back at Doom Manor, Dorothy rejects Baby Doll who tells her that Chief is evil. Dorothy then engages Baby Doll in a game of hide and seek, but when Dorothy hides in the furnace and jumps out to scare her -- and be mean -- Baby Doll sends her back into the furnace and turns on the fire. Dorothy lets loose her wendigo, Baby Doll freaks out and kills the wendigo which prompts Candlemaker to get Dorothy to make a wish.

Candlemaker then sets loose in the Underground where he kills Baby Doll.


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