Doom Patrol Season 2 Finale Reveals Major Twist for Jane

Doom Patrol wrapped up its second season this week in "Wax Patrol" and while the team found themselves dealing with their old imaginary friends as well as the Candlemaker in the real world, the episode also devoted quite a bit of time to Miranda's story. Told through flashback, "Wax Patrol" finally explained how it was that Miranda originally went into The Well in the Underground, explained Jane's origin, and offered a stunning twist that could have horrible repercussions for not just the Girl, Kay Challis, but all of her personas charged with keeping her safe.

Warning: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Doom Patrol, "Wax Patrol", below.

"Wax Patrol" spends quite a bit of time dealing with the Jane/Miranda/Kay situation. While Jane is stuck sinking in the Well after having been thrown there by Miranda previously, the episode flashes back to the late 1960s where Miranda meets a street musician named John who has been playing guitar outside the sandwich shop she works at. He charms her, giving her a necklace he purchased with the money she'd given him over her breaks for his performances and then asks her out on a date. Miranda reluctantly agrees. Flash forward a few years later and the pair are moving in together. Miranda has grown much more comfortable and John is now working an office job. They're planning a housewarming party with all of John's coworkers and friends coming by.

However, when we get to the party, things aren't exactly what they seem. Miranda, who has been reassuring the others in the Underground that they have to do these things to move forward for Kay, observes two women at the party kissing one another and then Bob, one of John's coworkers, leans in to kiss her. It rattles Miranda who then speaks to John about it and that's when the truth of the party is revealed. This isn't really a housewarming. Instead, it's a swinger’s party with John saying that he and Miranda are in a rut so doing this could be good for their relationship.

Miranda somewhat reluctantly agrees to sleep with Bob while John does the same with Bob's wife, Tilly. However, the sexual act is traumatic for Miranda and she starts cycling personalities in order to deal with it. She -- and the personalities -- freak out and manage to get Bob to stop, but Miranda passes out and returns to the Underground, traumatized. When Kay rejects her over the incident, Miranda throws herself into the Well. It's then that Jane wakes up, taking over the role of Primary for the first time and, after dressing down the partiers -- complete with punching John in the face and telling the women that men are controlling them -- she leaves.

While getting to see Jane's origin is itself interesting as it sheds light on how Kay's different personas came to be and their purposes, there's one more twist. While in The Well, Jane discovers that necklace that John gave Miranda -- attached to the bloated corpse of the actual Miranda at the bottom of the well. It turns out that the person presenting themselves as Miranda is actually a manifestation of Daddy, Kay's monstrous and abusive father. It's a stunning reveal, one that showrunner Jeremy Carver told TVLine isn't exactly the whole story, either.

"You have the revelation that the person playing Miranda is actually not Miranda," Carver said. "We have some indication of who it is, but it’s not the entire story. And Jane herself is in the well, discovering these truths while still being underwater. State of crisis is an accurate way of describing Jane, the other personas and the underground."

And as for what the entire story is, it's something that Doom Patrol will explore should the series get a third season.


"I’ll say that you’ll get a better understanding of who that identity is as we move into a new season, should we be lucky enough to get a new season."

Doom Patrol is now streaming on DC Universe and HBO Max.