Fear the Walking Dead’s Lennie James Reveals His Ending for Morgan Jones

"I don't die." Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is one of the few characters to make it out of The Walking Dead alive by crossing over to spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, but will his story end there? Morgan survived a near-fatal encounter last season when villain Virginia (Colby Minifie) shot him point-blank and left him to be torn apart by walkers — a situation he escaped with the help of an as-yet-revealed stranger — and he withstood another attempt on his life by a pair of assailants in season 6 episode "The Key." How and where Morgan's journey finally ends, James says, is out of his hands:

"I'd like an ending that's in keeping with the character and in keeping with his legacy in this universe, really," James told Looper. "I don't know what that is. It's not really my job to come up with it. I don't even know how he goes in the comic books or how he went down, but I hope it's something that keeps in line with who he's been to this universe."

In The Walking Dead comic books — spoilers — Morgan is bitten by a walker when fending off invading zombies inside the Alexandria Safe-Zone with Rick Grimes. Though Michonne severs Morgan's zombie-bitten arm to stave off infection, he succumbs to blood loss in issue #82, and his reanimated corpse is put down by Michonne.

"If anything, I'd quite like it just to be an utter and complete surprise that comes out of nowhere and has nothing to do with anything," James said of TV Morgan's eventual end. "He wakes up in the morning and forgets where he is and bangs his head and that's it."

Before that happens, James is hoping for closure with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The two men struck up a friendship when a formerly comatose Rick woke up in the zombie apocalypse before being taken in by Morgan and son Duane (Adrian Kali Turner).

Lincoln exited The Walking Dead in its ninth season when Rick disappeared aboard a black helicopter piloted by the Civic Republic Military, who have since appeared infrequently over on Fear. As the only two surviving characters who appeared together in the first episode of The Walking Dead, James has expressed hopes for a reunion between Rick and Morgan in Lincoln's Walking Dead feature film trilogy.

"Obviously if such a thing was possible I would jump at the chance," James said in a 2019 interview when asked about crossing into the film side of the franchise. "For me, some of the best days on both jobs — and I've had some fantastic days on both jobs — but some of my best days have been working with Andy, and getting a chance for Morgan and Rick to tool up again... obviously, I wouldn't say no to that."


James is now the lead on Fear the Walking Dead, where he's starred since its fourth season in April 2018.

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