Harley Quinn Reveals Heartwarming Beginning to Poison Ivy Friendship

The latest episode of DCU's Harley Quinn, "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues," featured the long-awaited flashback that shows how Harley met Joker and Poison Ivy. In an attempt to convince Ivy that people can change, Harley shares the story of when she was first hired at Arkham Asylum to treat Joker. However, it wasn't just her relationship with Joker than began that day, it was also her friendship with Ivy. While the two characters are currently just best friends, the series' showrunners have teased that a romance is coming, and the show's latest episode proves that there's always been a lot of love between the two women.

In the flashback, Harley (who was going by Dr. Quinzel at the time) attempts to get through to Joker in the hopes of finding a bomb he's planted in Gotham. She seeks help from Poison Ivy, who casually reveals that Joker has deep family issues. Harley then presses Joker for some of his family history, and he reveals the tragic tale of being beaten by his father before he took away his best friend, a pet ferret. As a "thank you" for the information, Harley gifts Ivy a tiny plant, and this small act of kindness unlocks something in Ivy.

Towards the end of the flashback, Joker escapes with Harley as a hostage and the two are hunted by Harvey Dent (pre-Two-Face) who tells his men to shoot Joker despite the fact that Harley was in the way. Ivy, who also escaped in the chaos, shows up and saves Harley from getting shot, even though it would mean having to go back to Arkham. Ivy reveals that she saved Harley because no one had ever given her a gift before, especially a plant.

During the present day, Harley learns that Joker's ferret story was actually a tale stolen from Ivy's tragic childhood and that the ferret was really a plant. This makes Harley realize that Joker had been lying to her from day one, but it also gave her some insight into her best friend. Ivy didn't always hate people, but she did for a long time because of her father's abuse, and it was Harley's act of kindness that restored her faith in people.


Kaley Cuoco, who voices Harley, recently confirmed a Harlivy romance was coming by making a pretty amazing joke during a Conan O'Brien interview. "Let me put it this way: Harley's gonna need some calamine lotion," Cuoco said, and when O'Brien didn't give her enough of a laugh, she added, "That was a funny joke! I just thought of that off the top of my head."

Harley Quinn is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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