Kevin Smith Says Green Hornet Cartoon Will Look Fresh While Feeling Like Batman: The Animated Series

Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that filmmaker Kevin Smith had been tapped to bring the Green Hornet and Kato to television in a new animated series. Smith and WildBrain have teamed up for the project which will bring the two heroes into the modern world with a reimagined version of their adventures as the new Green Hornet and Kato will be the grown son and daughter of the originals. In a tweet Smith has revealed an update on the progress of the series, confirming his plans for the entire first season have been put to paper and he has an exciting comparison about what it could be like!

"Just turned in the 20 page outline for all of Green Hornet Season 1 to the good folks at
@WildBrainHQ!" Smith tweeted. "The inspiration came from the gorgeous preliminary artwork pack they sent over! This cartoon is gonna look amazingly fresh, while still feeling like Batman: The Animated Series!"

This marks the latest time in Smith's career that he has been involved in something with the Green Hornet. The filmmaker was previously attached to a feature film version of the character in the early 2000s, writing a script and even reportedly approaching Jake Gyllenhaal for the title role. Eventually that movie never happened and Smith's script was reworked into a comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment.

When the animated series was previously announced Smith made his love for the series even more clear while doubling down on his love for the characters as well.


“It’s an honor to escort the legendary Green Hornet and Kato into their very own animated series for the first time in the rich history of these iconic pop culture characters!" Smith previously said. "We’ll be telling a tale of two Hornets – past and future – that spans generations and draws inspiration from a lifetime spent watching classic cartoons and amazing animation like Batman: The Animated Series, Heavy Metal, and Super Friends. I can’t believe WildBrain gave me this job and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to extend my childhood a little longer.”

This isn't the only Green Hornet project in the works either as Amasia Entertainment and Universal Pictures are developing a big screen reboot of the character. The two projects will be unrelated.