ComicBook Nation: Moon Knight Episode 4 Explained, Halo's Epic Battle, The Batman Rewatch

The ComicBook Nation crew breakdown the game-changing events of Moon Knight Episode 4, discuss Halo's epic battle in Episode 5, and re-watch The Batman now that it's streaming on HBO Max. Plus, we discuss some awesome new DC and Marvel Comics!

Here as some of the Biggest Question of Moon Knight Episode 4 Explained by host Kofi Outlaw!  

What Is The Asylum Reality in Moon Knight Episode 4?

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Big question takeaway of this episode – and there will be many theories. However, longtime Moon Knight comic fans may recognize that this is the MCU version of an infamous staple of the character: Namely, a psychic world where Moon Knight's various personas co-exist and interact with each other, as well as Khonshu and other mystical entities and deities. The work of writer Jeff Lemire is a direct influence on this sequence.

Is Marc Spector Dead? 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Marc/Steven is probably hanging on somewhere between life and death after being shot by Harrow. But Marc has been here before: the night Khonshu found him dying and resurrected him as his Moon Knight avatar. As stated, Moon Knight comics over various years have found fun ways to play with Marc's personality disorder and the way his mind organizes its personalities (or gets lost in them). "Doctor Harrow," says the quiet part out loud when he says it's a "psychic world"; if Marc can presumably get his fractured psyche into some kind of working order, it will probably unlock the necessary mystical power for him to survive – and defeat Harrow. 

Who Is Moon Knight's Third Personality? 

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Most Likely "Jake Lockley," the other personality Marc Spector/Moon Knight often uses in the comics. In the MCU re-imagining, "Jake" seems to be a more violent and unscrupulous persona than "Marc Spector" – "darkness" to Steven's "light," with Marc being the middle of those scales. Jake could end up being a pivotal key to this character arc in the show. Marc, Steven, and Jake finally connecting and finding balance in co-existence could be the resolution that ends Marc's internal "chaos" and finally sets up "Moon Knight" to be a major MCU hero. 

What Is The Egyptian Hippo Goddess At The End of Moon Knight Episode 4?

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

There are several Egyptian deities (see: Ahti) that use the hippopotamus in their design, but the one that seems most applicable to what's happening in Moon Knight is Taweret. In fact, since actress Antonia Salib listed as playing Taweret in Moon Knight, it's not really a question. 

In Ancient Egyptian religious lore, Tawaret is the Egyptian goddess of childbirth, fertility, rejuvenation. There's a lot of intricacy to the legends and role of hippo goddess in Egyptian culture, but short version: Taweret's myths suggest everything from her being the force behind the flooding of the Nile (an important piece of Egypt's ecological cycle), to being the deity that oversaw the rejuvenation of the dead – i.e., cleansing and purifying souls so that they can pass into the afterlife. Taweret is viewed as both a nurturer and fierce protector, making a her a tricky goddess to deal with. 

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