Nathan Fillion Reveals Plans For Fan-Favorite TV Show Reunion

Nathan Fillion revealed where plans stand for a cast reunion in one of his earliest projects. He's been a fan-favorite on TV for a long time now, and one of the first things that ardent fans of his recognize is Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place. That show ran for four seasons and 81 episodes back in the late 90s. During an interview about his role as TDK in The Suicide Squad, Fillion told Inverse that he ran into some of the co-stars not too long ago. While they enjoyed catching up and tossed around the idea of a reunion, nothing is imminent at the moment. But, Fillion and his friends didn't rule it out either. With every show you can imagine getting some kind of reunion or cast reading in the last two years, it would seem that nothing is impossible. But, if you wanted to see the actor be witty in a large ensemble cast sometime soon, maybe The Suicide Squad is a better bet.

"A couple of years ago, I ran into one of my former cast members. We were laughing about old times, and he mentioned, 'Wouldn't a reunion be great?' Wouldn't that be cool? Just do a one-off and see what happens," Fillion said. "So yeah, it's been mentioned. Nothing's planned. Nothing's in the works. But the idea has been tossed around."

However, during that same interview, the actor was very critical of his late performance on Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place. He said, "That's the one. I'm not going to say [the show was] a failure. Just to my learning experience, I slipped a bit. Also, where did you get a DVD of that?"

(Photo: ABC)

"Back when I was a younger man, I spent two and a half years on a sitcom. My first half-season? I did a great job. My second season? Spectacular," Fillion elaborated. "My last season was the worst. I failed because I was trying to be funny rather than just being honest. It was a hard lesson to learn."

On the subject of the DC Comic movie, the actor told ET Canada that James Gunn was a huge reason for him joining the project.

"James Gunn (is) one of the people in my life that when he calls I just pick up the phone and say 'yes to whatever you're about to say, it's yes, the answer is yes,'" Fillion said. "James Gunn is an amazing storyteller, that guy understands story and he loves to tell story. So when he wants to do something you know it's gonna be fun, you know it's gonna be satisfying... So here he is with Suicide Squad 2, he asks me to come down. What can I say about it? It's so secret, I get stressed when people talk about it. Here's what I can tell you though, huge scope. I've never done anything so big."

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