Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun at Trump's Ebola Comments With Thanos Joke

Saturday Night Live has the place rocking this week with John Mulaney hosting. As conversations around the Coronavirus reach a fever pitch, the show took time to joke about the President's response to the ongoing crisis. This week during a press conference in India, Donald Trump told reporters that they were very close to a vaccine and that they had been studying the disease very hard. CNBC reports he said, "We're still working on Ebola. We're doing a vaccine ... we're still working on that. In the other case, it was a virtual 100 percent. Now they have it, they have studied it, they know very much. In fact, we're very close to a vaccine."

Once the White House's spokesman clarified that the President was referring to the Ebola vaccine, Saturday Night Live had something planned. Weekend Update's Colin Jost wondered if President Trump thought the disease was somehow the Mad Titan because of the survival rates that he listed during the conference. The running gag from this week's edition of Weekend Update was Michael Che just drinking and letting go of all inhibitions because of the spread of Coronavirus. He joked that he didn't want anything he said to come back and bite him.

Che did the rest of his reads with a backward baseball cap and took off his clip-on anchor's tie to really hammer it home. Neither of the comedians could hold it together as things got sillier and sillier. Chris Redd came to the desk to talk about how his Black History Month had gone awry. He listed Deontay Wilder losing his big fight to Tyson Fury last weekend. Some other stuff involving the president and being prayed over by black supporters. Redd also made light of some hot water that Barnes & Noble found themselves in for making 'diverse editions' of classic novels.


The show also ended on a high note with an appearance by Jake Gyllenhaal. The last sketch brought the crowd at 30 Rock to their feet as the actor got a chance to sing in an extended riff on LaGuardia Airport in New York. Pete Davidson tried to order sushi from one of the airport stores and everything went sideways. Kenan Thompson came through as The Phantom of LaGuardia and Bowen Yang sung as well. The two have some shared history as Gyllenhaal also appeared in Mulaney's Netflix special.