Solar Opposites Producer on Tiffany Haddish's Expanded Role in Season 4 (Exclusive)

Solar Opposites producer Sydney Ryan breaks down Aisha's expanded role and rom-com story in the new season.

Solar Opposites is finally back for its fourth season, with all 11 episodes of its new installment debuting on Hulu last week. Fans of the series have now had the chance to check out what the latest season has to offer, and they've discovered that one of the show's longtime supporting characters now has a substantially larger role. Aisha, the AI computer that runs the ship, was given a lot more screen time in Season 4, as well as an entire episode devoted to her story.

Seeing Aisha get a bigger role on Solar Opposites shouldn't be too surprising for fans, considering the character is voiced by Tiffany Haddish, the most well-known recurring cast member. Aisha has also become something of a fan-favorite throughout the show's run, her wit and sarcasm often eliciting big laughs from viewers.

Season 4 sees Aisha get an entire romantic comedy episode, where she falls in love with a human she met online. It's a surprisingly sweet endeavor for Solar Opposites, a show that continues to prove it has a lot more under the surface than fans might expect. Ahead of the recent Season 4 premiere, producer Sydney Ryan chatted with over email about Aisha's expanded role and solo adventure.

"Aisha is such a big part of the Solar's lives that it just made sense to involve her character more this season," Ryan said. "Tiffany Haddish does an incredible and hilarious job of bringing her to life. The writers wanted to see what would happen if we focused a whole story on this character who usually exists just as a talking orb in the ship. Mike [McMahan] talked about it being like this book he likes called The Ship Who Sang, which was about a spaceship's computer that always falls in love with its captains. Josh Bycel wrote that episode and it came out so smart and sweet, it's a highlight of the season for me – like our own little Before Sunrise story but with a blue floating orb. There's a great balance in it between comedy and melancholy- it's the kind of thing that really only makes sense on Solar I guess!"

The third episode of Solar Opposites Season 4 is titled "The Mobile AISHA Emitter," and it's almost entirely Aisha's episode. New Girl alum Lamorne Morris guest stars in the episode as Aisha's love interest, and the Opposites try to keep the chaos to a minimum while she's away.

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