South Park Flocked Towelie Exclusive Funko Pop Launches for 4/20


It appears that South Park's Towelie is the official mascot of 4/20 in 2021. Today we saw the debut of a pair of magnificent Towelie sneakers from adidas, and Funko followed that up with the launch of the Amazon exclusive flocked (fuzzy) Towelie Pop figure. You can pre-order one right here on Amazon for $13.99 while it lasts. The release date is set for October 1st.

Unfortunately, this Towelie Funko Pop doesn't offer the option to score a Chase figure bloodshot eyes - a missed opportunity if you ask us. Still, this might be the most flocked-worthy Funko Pop ever made, so grab one while you can.


As for those South Park Towelie sneakers, they also featured a fuzzy exterior along with features like eyes on the tongue that go bloodshot when exposed to UV light. There's even a hidden stash compartment on the inside of the tongue that's tucked below the immortal words "Don't forget to bring a towel" and "I have no idea what's going on".

Naturally, the sneakers sold out in a hot second, but if you're willing to pay the ridiculous markups, you can still score a pair here on eBay and here at StockX.

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