Star Wars: The Clone Wars Boss Dave Filoni Celebrates Anakin and Ahsoka's Reunion With Heartbreaking Art

Star Wars: The Clone Wars boss Dave Filoni posted artwork to commemorate Ahsoka and Anakin's reunion in this week's episode. "Old Friends Not Forgotten" takes place during the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and sees Darth Maul catching the wrong Jedi in his trap. Before that, Ahsoka makes contact with Anakin to broker a deal that will see the Grand Army of the Republic begin the Siege of Mandalore. Once Ahsoka makes the offer, she and Anakin have some time together for the first time since Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. It's a powerful moment for the characters and fans of the show.

It's also bittersweet because we know that Anakin is about to fall to the Dark Side. The next time he and Ahsoka are face-to-face, he will be Darth Vader and they will be battling. Filoni marked this turning point with artwork he shared on Instagram. The artwork shows Anakin and Ahsoka standing side-by-side and staring at a large, red sun.

The artwork evokes the same feeling Anakin's son, Luke, and later Rey staring at the suns on Tatooine. Filoni has shepherded Ahsoka along her journey from its beginning, making this is a big moment for him as well. You can take a look at the artwork below.

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Ahsoka's story isn't over. There are three more episodes of The Clone Wars still to come, with the final episode dropping on Star Wars Day. Speaking with Comic Book Nation, voice actress Ashley Eckstein said these episodes are essential to the Star Wars saga.

"Well, I will tell you there is a lot to be excited about with these upcoming episodes," Eckstein says. "I don't want to say too much but I will say these episodes are epic. Truly some of the best Star Wars, I think, that's ever been made. Everyone brought their A-game, everyone brought their best to these episodes and they're truly mind-blowing and I think they're gonna be essential viewing moving forward - especially as part of the films from Episode II to Episode III.


"I've been reading a lot of people's comments and everyone wants to make the jump to the Siege of Mandalore. I mean, we've been waiting for that ever since Clone Wars was canceled at the end of Season Five. Thankfully, because of Star Wars Rebels we know that Ahsoka lives, we know that she survives but we don't know how or why or what happened. So I had all those same questions. So I understand why everyone wants to jump straight to it. You really need the Siege of Mandalore to understand everything that happens in the Skywalker saga. It's pretty incredible."

New episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars debut Fridays on Disney+.