Star Wars: The Mandalorian Star Confirms He Did All His Own Stunts in Season 2

The first season of The Mandalorian won over Star Wars fans in a number of ways, with the series' intense and inventive action sequences bringing a new flavor to the franchise. The season finale concluded with the tease of Giancarlo Esposito's Moff Gideon wielding the mythical Darksaber, as the actor recently confirmed that he pulled off all of his character's stunts in the second season. As compared to a character like the titular Mandalorian, who engaged in all manner of combat, this likely means that Esposito went above and beyond expectations for his performance on set, though we also likely shouldn't expect his action to be quite as intense as some of his on-screen counterparts.

"I don't want you to have any spoilers, but I did all my stuntwork on my own, without a lot of rehearsal, even though it's a fairly big budget, technological piece with the volume and all the things that are going on," Esposito shared with Collider. "Sometimes that leaves less time to pay more attention to, and the stuntwork, by the way, has been with an Emmy nomination as well, to do that."

With much of the first season focusing on various bounty hunters, Gideon appeared towards the end of the storyline as a former member of the Galactic Empire who used his own TIE fighter and storm troopers to achieve his goals. While he may seem like someone who is more likely to give the orders to his underlings, his wielding of the Darksaber confirms he'll be a physical threat in his own right.

"Having a lightsaber, I have a couple different ones, because of the technology that's involved," the actor detailed. "They sometimes put the saber in and I have to have a handle only. But in working with that handle, I have to remember that there's four and a half, five feet more of that saber. So it's the way you handle it, so I had to practice. And sometimes I have a full saber that lights up, and I hope I'm not giving too much away in regards to the technology of it."

He added, "So it was a bit complicated, and I have to laugh because I don't hold back. And so, some of our stuntwork in this season ... I remember the props guy coming to me and saying, 'Okay, this is our last lightsaber,' because you gotta pull your hits ... but you want it to look real."


Season Two of The Mandalorian is expected to debut on Disney+ in October.

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