Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein Gets Censored for F-Bomb During Emmys Acceptance Speech

Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein has officially won his latest Emmy. On Monday night, Goldstein took home the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series prize, for his work as Roy Kent on Ted Lasso's second season. Goldstein immediately made headlines for dropping an F-bomb during this year's speech — even as he apologized for already having sworn in his 2021 acceptance speech for the same category. Towards the end of the speech, Goldstein remarked "I f-cking love you" while thanking his family, which was then bleeped on the NBC telecast.

"I've thought about that a lot and think the show's success is a reaction to all the negative public discourse that's been all over our screens, in the media, in the news that's become so mean and unpleasant," Goldstein previously told Men's Journal. "People were proud of being horrible to each other and it was ugly and disturbing how normalized it had all become. So the success of Ted Lasso speaks to how starved we are to see people look out for each other, despite challenges in their own life. The show tapped into this need for decency.

In addition to his beloved performance in Ted Lasso, Goldstein recently made his debut as Hercules in the post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder earlier this summer. While Goldstein's future as the iconic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently unknown, he recently expressed how excited and baffled he was by the casting.

"No, I didn't know what it was for," Goldstein explained in an interview with The Playlist last month. "I was told that some Marvel people would like to have a Zoom with you, and I met with them and it was just so surreal because…it was literally out of the blue one night and I was very busy and it was like, 'Can you make time for a Zoom?' 'Yes, sure.'"

"And they go on Zoom and they just told me what you see in the film, which is they sort of opened with, 'So Russell Crowe is Zeus,' and I'm like, 'Yeah, OK, go on,'" Goldstein continued. "And blah, blah, blah. And then they turn around and they reveal 'It's Hercules; it's you.' And I went, 'What?' Just like, 'Are you serious? Are you f**king with me? Is this a wind-up?' So yeah, it was as surprising to me as I think it has been to other people."

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