The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Looks Back on the Series Finale on One-Year Anniversary

It's been one year since one of the most popular sitcoms of all time came to a conclusion, as The Big Bang Theory wrapped up its 12 season and 279 episode run. Though the stars have moved on to other projects now, they still hold fond memories of their time on the series. Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny on the series and nabbed both a Critic's and People's Choice Award for her character, reflected on the final episode and the 12 year journey she went on with her cast mates. In an extensive post on Instagram, Cuoco said that the series changed her life and attributed to all the success in her career to the series.

"A year ago today we aired our BBT series finale," Cuoco wrote. "People ask me every day, was it hard to move on? Was I sad? Happy? How could I do anything else after? How would it compare? Do I miss it? The truth is , the show changed my life in 100 different ways and no matter where my career takes me, I will always owe it to this show and the brains behind it. 'Never forget where you came from, and never take your eyes off where you’re heading.'"

Despite being finished with the series as her character Penny, Cuoco returned to the universe of The Big Bang Theory in a surprising way by lending her voice to the Young Sheldon prequel series earlier this year. In the episode where her can be heard, young Sheldon himself (Ian Armitage) panicks about an upcoming swim test at school, as he grows anxious about the bacteria that is in the pool. In one scene, Sheldon literally talks to the pool, which in turn replies to him with Cuoco as its voice.

“That was absolutely the voice of Kaley as pool water,” series co-creator Steve Molaro told TVLine . “I needed someone to do the voice. I knew I wanted it to be female and kinda sexy, and I said, ‘Well, duh! Kaley is perfect for this.'”

Since her time with The Big Bang Theory came to an end, Cuoco has stayed busy with a ton of new projects. In 2017 Cuoco's Yes, Norman Production signed a first look deal with Warner Bros. Television and are in the process of The Flight Attendant, a thriller about a flight attendant who becomes embroiled in an international murder mystery, as a limited series for Cuoco to star in and executive produce. In addition, Cuoco produces and stars in DC's Harley Quinn adult animated series, which is one of the most successful series in the DC franchise (now in season 2 on DC Universe). The actress also recently booked a part in Sony's upcoming action-comedy Man From Toronto opposite Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart.