The Boys Season Three Reportedly Adding Two New Characters

Days before the second season of The Boys hit Amazon Prime, the streamer pushed the show into [...]

Days before the second season of The Boys hit Amazon Prime, the streamer pushed the show into development for another season. Since then, the company has also ordered a spin-off of the series, cementing its place as the flagship offering for the company. Ahead of the Season Two debut, news also surfaced of series showrunner Eric Kripke reuniting with Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as the actor was set to board the project as Soldier Boy. As it turns out, Soldier Boy's not the only supe being introduced in a major role.

Some may believe the below information to be spoilers, so proceed with caution should you want to enter The Boys Season Three completely spoiler-free.

A new report from the scoopers at The Illuminerdi reveals more information Soldier Boy's role in the third season, in addition to a new superhero that will be introduced in a relatively major role. When it comes to Soldier Boy, the report says the series will change the character's origins significantly from what was seen in the comic mythos. In the comics — created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson — Soldier Boy is a mantle passed from one hero to another as they keep being killed off, all in the name of the United States flag.

In the series, however, there will only ever be one Soldier Boy, played by Ackles. There will be a similar storyline involving World War 2 here, except now, Ackles' character will survive the war and go on to become an international superhero — not unlike the origin that played out in Captain America: The First Avengers. At one point, it's said that Vought will say the character dies during the mission, but the truth is he's alive as the titular group slowly uncover throughout the course of the season.

Then there's Supersonic, a new hero created for the series. Said to be the ex-boyfriend of Starlight, Supersonic is to appear in three to four episodes, otherwise at least half the season. Though Supersonic isn't a character in the comics, it's presumed he'll fill a similar role to that of Drummer Boy, serving as an emotional wrench Starlight will have to deal with as she continues to search out a relationship with Hughie.

New episodes of The Boys are added every Friday to Amazon Prime.

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