Star Wars: Temuera Morrison Rumored to Be Playing Two Roles in The Mandalorian Season 2

Temuera Morrison is returning to the Star Wars franchise, this time-around playing Boba Fett, the fan-favorite bounty hunter. Hours after news surfaced of the actor's return to the space-faring franchise, new rumors have popped up suggesting Fett isn't the only character the Aquaman alumnus is playing. In addition to playing Boba — the son of Jango Fett, Morrison's character from Attack of the Clones — it would seem that another popular Star Wars character can be on the horizon.

The rumor itself comes from Cinelix's Jordan Maison, who suggests Morrison is playing Fett and another character, who wasn't named. As you all know by now, the elder Fett served as the specimen for the Galactic Republic's massive clone army and beings we've gotten teases of a Kamino cloner, the heads of the Star Wars fandom are spinning.

While Morrison could be playing any single soldier leftover from that armada, most fans in the mentions of the original rumor tweet hope Morrison ends up playing a live-action version of Captain (turned Commander) Rex, a mainstay from the Star Wars animated series.

Fortunately enough for the Rex campaigners, Star Wars exec Dave Filoni has a knack for bringing tidbits from the animated shows over into live-action. That much was evident after the Darksaber was pulled out of thin air in the closing moments of The Mandalorian Season One. The Darksaber, by the way, will make a triumphant return in Season Two, according to Mano star Giancarlo Esposito.

“It feels wonderful to have that iconic weapon in my hand. It takes some getting used to, as it is longer than a normal sword or saber,” Esposito began. “And of course, it is shorter when you turn it off. So you have to figure out how to work the handle. And when you’re using a saber like that, you have to think of — you can’t really hit, because it’ll bend. It has that [humming], it vibrates with that light and that energy … so you have to strike as if you’re trying to hit someone with the heel of your hand, as opposed to letting the saber go out. So you keep your wrist straight. It feels powerful, it feels wonderful. I broke three of them last week [laughs].”


The first season of The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+ while the second season is currently scheduled to drop this October.

Cover photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic