The Walking Dead’s Negan Breaks Up Dwight and Sherry on Fear the Walking Dead

Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) strikeout because of The Walking Dead's bat-swinging bad guy Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who comes between the couple a second time over on Fear the Walking Dead. In Sunday's "Honey," Dwight and Sherry plot to take down the authoritarian Ginny (Colby Minifie), who is the only thing keeping them from being together again after more than a year apart. But when Morgan (Lennie James) convinces Dwight to hold off on striking at Ginny until after they can rescue their people still trapped behind her walls, it causes a schism between the couple and ends their short-lived "honeymoon."

When Dwight learns his wife joined a gang of masked Outcasts trying to bring down Ginny, Sherry admits she didn't tell him about the group because he's "spent enough time fighting against people like her." Dwight barely survived the war against Negan and his Saviors before he was shown mercy by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who set Dwight on the path to redemption when he exiled him from Virginia in The Walking Dead season 8 episode "Wrath."

The Outcast leader unmasks himself as Rollie (Cory Hart), the only surviving member of Logan's (Matt Frewer) crew of bandits slaughtered by Virginia and her Rangers. When Rollie points out Dwight saved his life twice last season, Dwight tells Sherry, "I told you I was trying to change."

After reclaiming the MRAP SWAT van stolen from Althea (Maggie Grace) through a daring horseback heist, Dwight has eliminated Ginny's most dangerous weapon. Taking back the van means Dwight and Sherry can be together without having to look over their shoulders, but complicating the plan is uncooperative Ranger Reg (Dennis Fitzgerald).

Morgan urges Dwight and the Outsiders to hold off making their move against Ginny until the time is right and he can get their people to the hidden community he started with new mother Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales), but Sherry says a life isn't precious when that life holds control over so many others.

"I have been through a war that took too long to end and took too many lives," Morgan tells Sherry, "and so has your husband."

Dwight wants to wait until the timing is right, but Sherry tells him she's not leaving the Outcasts until Ginny is dead. Because Dwight won't leave without Sherry, he goes against Morgan and stops short of torturing Reg for information on Ginny's whereabouts. The interrogation is called off by Morgan just as it unnerves Sherry, who devises another plan: bring Ginny and her Rangers to them. A staged radio call to Ranger Hill (Craig Nigh) brings out the Rangers, who are due to arrive shortly.

When Sherry asks Dwight if he would have carried through on his threats to kill Reg, she questions if he used similar tactics when operating as one of Negan's top lieutenants at the Sanctuary.

"I'm not going to let anybody get in the way of what I have to do," Dwight tells Sherry, vowing to kill Ginny himself.

Rollie and Oswald (Andres Munar) thwart Morgan and Al's plans to disable the MRAP before they can turn it on the Rangers, and Sherry orders Dwight locked up with them.

"I can't have you be a part of this, D. You told me you don't want me to have anything to be sorry about. This is the only way," she says. "I won't let you become the person you used to be."

It's the same reason Sherry said goodbye to Dwight in a letter marked with the infinity symbol and the word "honeymoon" in The Walking Dead, where she apologized to Dwight for making him "become everything [he] didn't want to be."

Dwight escapes captivity just in time to stop Sherry from using the MRAP to gun down Hill and the Rangers, but she pushes back: "Somebody has to do something! We can't just let him keep doing this!"

Sherry confesses the plot was never about Ginny. Dwight realizes it's about Negan, who wasn't defeated and jailed by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) until after Sherry fled Virginia.

"I could have done something a hundred times, and I didn't," a teary Sherry admits, referring to the time she spent as one of Negan's many "wives" at the Sanctuary. Dwight says he wants to be with Sherry more than anyone in the world, but not like this.

"Because of what happened before, people trying to change us into something we weren't," he says. "And I'm not gonna stand around and watch that happen again."

She tells him to leave. "I need this. There's the truth, that's who I am. But you're right. We can't change who we are. At least you can't," Sherry says, taking Dwight's half-scarred face in her hands. "Because you actually remind me of who you used to be, before all of this. So go."


Dwight rejoins Morgan, who leads Nora (Devyn Tyler) and Lee's (Todd Terry) people — the group Dwight and Al rescued from an office building crawling with bubonic plague-infected rats — to the hidden valley community discovered by Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr), Rachel's late husband. As they leave, Dwight marks the truck with the same "infinity" symbol marking Sherry's letters.

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