The White Lotus Creator Says Prequel Series About Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya Is "Possible"

HBO's The White Lotus initially aimed to offer audiences entirely disconnected anthology stories with each season, but the compelling nature of Jennifer Coolidge's Tanya led to her returning for Season 2, though she ultimately died by the end of the season. Given that fans are heartbroken over not getting to see more of the character, creator Mike White admitted that he's not ruling out the possibility of getting more Tanya by way of a prequel series, even admitting that such a prequel would likely have to take place in Australia. A Season 3 of The White Lotus is on the way, which is expected to take place in Thailand.

"I absolutely think that's possible," White shared of the prequel at the Vivid Sydney Festival, per Deadline. "We were just talking about that. It's a funny idea."

The creator even joked that such a project could use a technology similar to what was utilized for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny to make Coolidge look "20 years younger" to allow her to reprise the role.

With these comments taking place at an event in Australia, Coolidge teased of the locale of such a prequel, "Australia gets my vote."

"My dream would be to hit every continent," White added. "We kind of have to come to Australia if we keep going."

Both seasons of The White Lotus saw the reveal that a character had died at the resort, with the story then pivoting to the build-up towards the reveal of the death and how the situation unfolded. A similar formula is expected to unfold in Season 3, with Coolidge previously revealing who she hopes meets their demise in the upcoming storyline.

"My hope for Jon [Gries] is that he's not finished with [Tanya's husband] Greg," Coolidge revealed to Variety earlier this month. "I hope there's some comeuppance for evil Greg. I think he should, I don't know, end up in a meat-grinding machine."

One of the more mysterious components of Season 2 was that Tanya befriended a group of strangers who would ultimately factor into her death, despite her taking many of them out with her in an impromptu shootout. These strangers had some sort of connection to Greg, though the nature of that relationship went unsolved. 

Stay tuned for details on the future of The White Lotus.

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