WandaVision Star Paul Bettany Was Worried About Vision's Sitcom Approach

WandaVision star Paul Bettany was initially worried about Vision’s sitcom approach. The Disney+ series is just a day away and fans are already clamoring for the premiere. Both Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen sat down with EW to talk about their show. WandaVision presents a clear and dramatic new chapter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This series wears its love of old television sitcoms on its sleeves. Every episode seems to be reference another era’s offerings in that genre. In particular, the first few efforts seem to be giving that Dick Van Dyke or I Love Lucy vibe. That can be a tough thing to convey for modern audiences apart from the black and white camera work. But, if the initial returns are anything to go by, both Bettany and Olsen pull this off with wit and absolute command. However, that didn’t make the Vision actor any less nervous wandering into that world for the first time.

"Initially, I was a little worried about it, but then I realized Vision's actually always been changing," Bettany told the publication. "You see him born, for goodness' sake. He's omnipotent, but very naïve. By Civil War, he's beginning his burgeoning interest in humanity and love. By Infinity War, the irony is he's almost more human than he's an android. Then I realized [WandaVision is] just throwing in a bit of Dick Van Dyke and Bryan Cranston and a little bit of hilarity. It can absorb that, as long as [Vision's] central core is this decent, kind creature who just lives full of wonder."

In another recent interview, the WandaVision star spoke to Comicbook.com about which of the episodes will have the fans arguing the most fervently about when the show drop.

"Oh, wow, I think probably, yeah, somewhere in the region of seven, eight, and nine is really, you start, because think about it, right, right now what's happened is you, rather like Wanda and Vision, have found yourself dropped into a sort of idyllic 1950s black and white American suburbia and, you know, week by week," Bettany explained.


He continued, "You're gonna start hurdling through the decades of the American century and, well, much like Vision, you're probably gonna go, 'Something's not right in this town, something wrong is happening in this town.' And I think that's gonna be really fun for the audience but I think that when you get full awareness of what the hell is going on in this place is probably somewhere in the region of seven and eight and then you need some big battles and you're gonna get 'em."

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