Watchmen Costume Designers Reveal Early Version of Sister Night

Watchmen’s costume designers revealed some early concept art from the series. Variety sat down [...]

Watchmen's costume designers revealed some early concept art from the series. Variety sat down with Sharen Davis and Meghan Kasperlik who worked on the series. Regina King also shared an amazing story of her seeing the concepts for Sister Night for the first time. Davis and showrunner Damon Lindelof both worked extensively on nailing down the core tenants of who Angela Abar was as a character and where she came from. As fans of the series know, the Sister Night persona goes deep into Angela's past. King herself got super surprised when receiving her script for the series. Nobody could have dreamed that they would have tucked in a really special moment for the actress so early in the process.

"Damon and Sharon were already having conversations before I even got the script. So, when I got the script, there was a letter in the script. It was at a certain page, and the letter said, 'Don't open this! Don't look! Promise Regina, don't look until you get to this page.' So, I'm just reading and I'm blown away. I get to the note, and I can't wait. I'm opening it up and there's an artist's rendering of the first conversations that Sharon and Damon were having of Sister Night with my face," King revealed. "I just got chills, again, going back to that moment."

"It was all about movement. I loved the idea of her having, instead of a cape, a skirt that moves with the same energy. But, when I was running, I would take a lot of spills. Because, you're running and that back foot would get caught in the skirt," she continued. "When Megan came in, she did alterations based on me shooting the first episode."

"I was fortunate enough to have some background on Angela. Where she started from, and where she was raised in her life with Nuns," Davis began.

"Every aspect of this show required a whole different mind thought," she added. "Even the individual characters that were heroes, it was all different because all of them had a different backstory."

Would you have liked to see this alternate version of Sister Night? Or do you like the approach they went with more? Let us know in the comments!