AEW Limited Merchandise Creates An Insane Street Fighter Crossover

The world of professional wrestling has had its fair share of pop culture crossovers in the past, [...]

The world of professional wrestling has had its fair share of pop culture crossovers in the past, with actors and even movie characters making appearances in the ring throughout the years, but AEW is creating a bridge between the wrestling organization and the world of video games via a Street Fighter crossover shirt. With said t-shirt focusing on the Street Fighter character Cammy battling against the All Elite Wrestling female wrestler Hikaru Shida, this makes for a major crossover that brings one of the biggest female wrestlers in the AEW against the former henchwoman of M. Bison.

AEW might have only debuted for the first time in 2019, but it has quickly risen to become the biggest challenger to the biggest organization in professional wrestling with the WWE, and a new video game celebrating All Elite Wrestling is currently in the works. While there has been no word of Street Fighter characters appearing in the upcoming game, we definitely expect to see major talent hitting the first video game for the AEW. Fans have been keeping a close eye on the development of the wrestling game after it was revealed that Yuke's, who has been responsible for some beloved games within the world of professional wrestling, would be involved.

AEW took to its Official Twitter Account sharing the design for the limited crossover shirt that will smash together the world of professional wrestling with what is arguably the most popular video game franchise in Street Fighter:

As mentioned earlier, the world of professional wrestling has seen some strange crossovers in the past, with the likes of Robocop and Chucky from Child's Play hitting the stadiums. With AEW continuing to acquire some big names from the world of wrestling and even getting celebrities like Shag to jump into the ring from time to time, it's clear that All Elite Wrestling will continue making moves in a bid to challenge World Wrestling Entertainment.

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