Becky Lynch Reveals New Photo of Baby to Celebrate Conor McGregor's UFC Return

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is taking some well deserved time off after the birth of her and fiancé Seth Rollins' child, and now Lynch is sharing some of the joys of parenting with the world in a new post on her Instagram page. The former WWE Women's Champion took the time to express her support for Conor McGregor in his return to the UFC octagon, pledging that "all of us Irish champs stay ready," while posing with her adorable baby girl.

Check out the photo of Becky Lynch and baby Roux below!

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Lynch has been away from the ring ever since she relinquished her WWE Raw Women's Championship to Asuka after the Money in the Bank. While her husband remained on television and went on to feud with Rey Mysterio, he has subsequently taken a leave of absence to be with Lynch in the weeks leading up to the birth of Roux.

Rollins was set to return to Friday Night SmackDown just a few weeks ago and was featured in promos hyping his comeback, but those were quietly ignored. Rollins has not been mentioned on TV since.

While Lynch has yet to hint at a comeback, she's made it clear that she intends to return to wrestling full time in the future. During an interview with ESPN last May, she expressed her desire to break barriers for other women in the WWE.

"That's something that I've always preached and wanted women to have that equality," said Lynch. "And of course, to be on the level with the male performers and be on the same level in terms of pay, in terms of treatment. But also, this kind of goes hand in hand where a guy can go and have a kid and doesn't have to miss a beat in his career. Unfortunately, we do. But that's also a fortunate thing because we get to experience things that they never will, but also it just doesn't mean that it's got to be the end for a career in any line. And I think a lot of people have proved that, and I hope to join them."


She added, "It's one of those things where I know what I feel and think as a person without a child. I don't know what that's going to look like when I do have one, and that's my priority. I'll tell you, it'll give me more motivation than ever, I could imagine. But this isn't the end of me, one way or the other."

Hopefully we find out more about Lynch and Rollins' returns to the WWE soon. But in the meantime, we'll settle for some more cute baby pics.