Bruised Cody Rhodes is now Playable in WWE 2K22

Cody Rhodes delivered one of 2022's most unforgettable moments when somehow wrestled an entire match against Seth Rollins with a torn pectoral muscle at WWE's Hell in a Cell, and while he looks to be out of action for a while now that he's had surgery, he looks to still be a part of WWE TV thanks to appearing on last night's Monday Night Raw. Rhodes isn't yet part of the WWE 2K22 roster unfortunately (he wasn't signed until the game was already released) but now fans can relive that Hell in a Cell moment thanks to @OmegamanX44, who has created a bruised version of Rhodes in the game's community creations suite.

The likeness to Rhodes is exceptional, as is the gear and attention to detail in the tattoo. Then you have the bruised chest and arm, which is accurately grisly to look at, as it was in real life when Rhodes pulled off his coat to reveal the injury during the event.

There are other versions of Rhodes you can download in the game already, including his full attire from his WrestleMania 38 return, but if you do want to throw your opponent off a bit when you battle in online play, this version of Rhodes should certainly do the trick. All versions of Rhodes are available in the Community Creations suite, as he is not currently officially part of the roster.

Many fans have already said online that they hope 2K ends up releasing another DLC pack outside of the five packs that were initially announced to bring Rhodes to the game, but 2K hasn't said if that will happen either way. In the past the only DLC that releases for 2K games is what is initially announced at launch, so if they did decide to add someone to the roster for WWE 2K22 past the five DLC packs, it would be a change from the typical pattern.

That said, it would be welcomed with open arms, as many would love to have an official version of Rhodes to play as in the game. If more DLC doesn't happen, Rhodes would be first playable in the next game in the franchise, and that will also hopefully include a bevy of NXT 2.0 stars that didn't make the cutoff for 2K22 as well. Stars like Bron Breakker, Roxanne Perez, Nikkita Lyons, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D'Angelo, Cora Jade, and more would be welcome additions to the game, especially since next time around the previously released stars won't be featured in the roster.

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