Jeff Hardy Talks SmackDown Bar Fight, Moving Past Sheamus Feud

Friday night's edition of SmackDown featured a Bar Fight main event pitting Jeff Hardy against Sheamus. The feud has been ongoing for months and has been quite controversial in wrestling circles due to the nature of the storyline. Sheamus' character has continually used Hardy's real life history of drug and alcohol abuse as the main component of the story. This culminated in the fight inside of a bar during SmackDown, and one would expect this to be the final match in the story. Although, in the world of WWE, we can never really be certain.

Hardy had a brief exclusive interview that was published to WWE's social media channels after the match. He sounds ready to move on to something new.

"Wow, the Bar Match was intense, just like I expected it to be," Hardy said. "But now that this is over, hopefully, my dead horse of a soul — the last few months — can finally be stop being beat. The demons, the struggles with addiction and alcoholism, it's kind of overwhelming at times, but now that this is behind me it's time to move on to something brighter and better — way more positive. But it's my past so it's always going to be a part of my life, and I look forward to challenge myself each and every day to move on in that right direction."

The Bar Fight also featured Hardy making a physical transformation during the ending. Hardy was on the ground, looking defeated with his face covered. However, when his face was uncovered, Hardy was sporting his old face paint and contacts. A rejuvenated Hardy then came back and won the match via a Swanton Bomb off of a ladder to the the bar floor.

This caused quite the discussion among wrestling fans that Hardy may be going back to his Brother Nero character that he portrayed during his storylines with brother Matt as part of the "Broken Universe." However, with Matt Hardy now part of AEW, it would be interesting to see how WWE handled this. Then again, Hardy has used facepaint in the past while not performing in the Brother Nero character as well, so time will tell what the direction will be for Hardy as he moves into something new.