WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy’s Return Results In Violent Brawl With Sheamus

Jeff Hardy made his return to WWE SmackDown on Friday night after weeks of video montages hyping up his eventual comeback. Hardy took part in an in-ring interview with Renee Young at the end of the first hour of the show on FOX. What he did not have was his old theme song, which Hardy had talked about in recent weeks as also making a return. However, it was the standard Hardy Boyz theme song that Jeff came out to the ring to in the empty WWE Performance Center.

Hardy talked about being grateful for the fans sticking with him over the years as his career has gone through some ups and downs. He talked about how every low has taught hi to get back up and he wants the fans to stick with him for one more great run. Sheamus was shown backstage watching on a monitor, disgusted by what he saw. Hardy said he knew that Sheamus was in the building and called him out.

Sheamus stood at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand, and talked about how Hardy has had too many chances. He said that he's tired of hearing Hardy was going to make a return so many times over the years, only for that return to end in disappointment as underwhelming. He said the fans are even sick of all of Hardy's suspensions, releases, and no-shows, and wasted chances. Sheamus said that he's been putting out SmackDown's weakest flames since his return and it's time to put Jeff out.

Sheamus made his way to the ring and a brawl ensued. That brawl was quickly won by Hardy, who hit a Whisper In the Wind, Twist of Fate, and Swanton Bomb as the segment came to a close.


While Jeff returns to WWE action, his brother and former tag team partner Matt Hardy had his first match with All Elite Wrestling this past Wednesday night during AEW Dynamite.

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