Booker T Explains Why WWE Legends Didn't Speak During Undertaker's Final Farewell at Survivor Series

The Undertaker's "final farewell" ceremony at the Survivor Series pay-per-view turned out to be an emotional one, but it did have a few moments that left fans scratching their heads. Most notably, the broadcast had more than a dozen WWE Hall of Famers and legends make their way down to the ring before a video package recapping "The Deadman's" career aired. When the feed cut back to the ring all of the legends were gone, replaced by Vince McMahon with microphone in-hand. Booker T finally shed some light on why the segment was planned out that way this week.

As he explained on the Hall of Fame podcast (h/t, the reason the other WWE legends didn't speak during the event was because they wanted to give the Undertaker his time to shine during the farewell, and they were there purely to support him, "We were just there to be there for that moment and to be there for the Undertaker. That moment wasn’t for us – it was for the Undertaker. It was his moment."

Elaborating further, Booker T joked that giving them time to speak would have extended the farewell itself, "Anything we would’ve said would’ve overshadowed what he said because we know the Undertaker, and he was never a guy that was gonna talk a whole lot. One thing you don’t want to do is give a bunch of old wrestlers a microphone. We’d have been out there all night.”

As for whether or not he thinks the Undertaker is truly retired, Booker T revealed that he felt that it's going to be tough for the dead man to top his final match with Wrestlemania 36's Boneyard Match, "My thing is, I really think it should be, coming off the one thing that’s gonna be hard for anyone to top going forward – that’s the Boneyard Match."


Elaborting further, Booker T stated, "I feel like there’s really no better time to say farewell than leaving with a movie to watch for the rest of your lives – you’re gonna be able to watch the Undertaker go out there and be the American Badass and the Undertaker all in one. I just think it’s a great way to walk away. I really don’t think he’s gonna be able to top that farewell Boneyard Match.”

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