Watch: The Bella Twins Take Part In 'Sibling Challenge: Pregnant Twin Edition'

With Brie Bella preparing for she and Daniel Bryan's second child, and Nikki Bella preparing for her first child with fiance Artem Chigvintsev, the Bella Twins have been going through this pregnancy journey together. The stars of Total Bellas have always been close growing up as twin sisters, but they've grown even closer during pregnancy. They've also kept themselves in the public spotlight lately with some well-timed social media posts, as well as interviews. This week Peacock TV passed along a video of the twins taking part in a "sibling challenge" game as part of The At-Home Variety Show.

The description reads:

On The At-Home Variety Show, Brie and Nikki Bella (Total Bellas) played a game of “Sibling Challenge: The Pregnant Twin Edition,” with a special cameo from Nikki’s fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. Nikki and Brie tested their knowledge of each other, while revealing some funny facts like “Who has gone crazy in quarantine?” and “Who is the evil twin?”.

Check out the video below.

Nikki Bella recently released a book, titled Incomparable, and recently spoke about how WWE had some stories removed from the book.

"It definitely... writing it, the [editorial rights] did cross my mind, it did," Bellas said (h/t for transcript) "And there was never anything bad I wanted to say about John. John and I had a beautiful relationship. Did we have struggles? Yes. Will anyone ever know about them? No. [inaudible] Overall we did have such a beautiful relationship."

"I just wish I was able to talk more about why I ended up where I ended up," she continued. "I still feel like people always will wonder that, and I think it's just because we put our relationship out there on reality TV for five or six years. So, I wanted to tell that story, but... yeah."

She also spoke about her neck injury which ultimately led to the end of her in-ring career. She spoke about being frustrated because she felt WWE was not taking it seriously when she would bring up the topic.


"I asked for an MRI, but they told me that it wouldn't show anything," Bella wrote. "They had no answer when I explained that my legs were going numb and giving out on me in matches, that I could only lie down in bed for a few hours at a time. Finally I had an MRI. I was in Austin, Texas, and I was backstage. A doctor came up to me to say: 'Just so you know, we're not going to find anything.' I would have given anything for that to be true."

"I was really frustrated because I felt like if I were a male Superstar, I'd be getting radically different treatment instead of being instructed to just sit at home and pray," she added.