WWE Backlash: Randy Orton Drops F-Bomb During Match With Edge

Touted as the 'Greatest Wrestling Match Ever', Randy Orton faced off against his current rival, [...]

Touted as the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever", Randy Orton faced off against his current rival, and long time compadre within World Wrestling Entertainment, Edge, and as the match got heated, "The Viper" let the curses fly that the audio picked up and fans definitely noticed during tonight's WWE Backlash. Following their match which spilled onto the backstage of the ring at Wrestlemania, fans were excited to see how this match between these two legends of professional wrestling would go down but were certainly stunned when they heard Orton let the curses fly during the battle.

Orton and Edge have been two mainstays of professional wrestling for some time, both inside and out of World Wrestling Entertainment. Certainly, both wrestlers have earned their places as legends in the ring, and it's not surprising that the emotions were heated during the most anticipated match of WWE Backlash by many. In the middle of the match however, Orton whispered under his breath, which was picked up by cameras, "I'm going to f***ing kill you". Based on the intensity of the match and how intense Randy could get during this match, and his matches in the past, it's no surprise to see him take things to the next level.

Randy Orton F Bomb Edge
(Photo: WWE)

Twitter User AlexM_talkSPORT shared the intense clip that shows a battered Edge on the ground outside of the ring, with Randy Orton leaning in and delivering the curse filled threat that showed how intense the "greatest wrestling match of all time" was:

In the match itself, Orton also started bleeding from his head, showing just how much each wrestler was putting on the line. While the intensity of the match can't be denied, fans also picked up on the additional "crowd sounds" that were added for effect with the lack of fans in attendance, thanks in part of course to the coronavirus pandemic that is still making social distancing a necessity. Though there were a number of fans that were able to attend Backlash behind plexiglass outside of the ring, it's clear that it will still be quite some time until the organization returns to how their previous shows operated.

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