Former WWE Star Returns to Pro Wrestling Looking Ripped

Up until this weekend, the last time former WWE star Big Cass (William Morrissey) had been in the [...]

Up until this weekend, the last time former WWE star Big Cass (William Morrissey) had been in the news was back in September 2019 when he wound up in backstage altercations with AEW's Joey Janela and now-WWE producer Pat Buck before being escorted out of the building. However, on Saturday night the seven-foot-tall behemoth returned at a Lariato Pro event and assisted his former tag partner Enzo Amore (the two now go by CaZXL and NZO).

As fans were quick to point out on social media, Cass looked shredded upon his return. You can see a few photos and clips from the show below:

Cass and Amore first joined forces in NXT back in 2013 and over the next three years would become fan favorites despite never holding the NXT Tag Team Championships. They were called up to the main roster in 2016 and split a year later when Cass turned heel. Amore was released in early 2018 following sexual assault accusations (which were later dropped), and Cass was also gone from the company by that summer. The pair then teased a jump to Ring of Honor by invading the G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden in 2019 but a deal with the company never materialized.

Cass opened up about his battles with depression and anxiety in a June 2019 interview with DDP Yoga.

"Being depressed is one thing, having depression on a daily basis is something different," Cass said. "Anyone that looks at them like they're weak or a crybaby or whatever, that person is ignorant. 'Why is this person upset? He has money and everything he dreamed of.' That don't mean f—-all when you're not well [mentally]. It's hard to tell people about it because who knows what they are going to say. 'You're looking for attention. You have everything you ever wanted. You're just seeking more attention.' So, you don't tell anyone. You keep it to yourself.

No word yet on if Cass is making a full-time return to pro wrestling.