Randy Orton's Latest WWE Championship Win Gives Evolution Major Milestone

This year's Hell In A Cell had plenty of surprises for a number of the WWE's biggest stars, but perhaps none were as big as Randy Orton's win against Drew McIntyre which gave him his fourteenth opportunity to be the World Heavyweight Champion and has propelled the group of WWE Evolution to a major milestone! The former group which was made up of Triple H, Ric Flair, Dave Bautista, and Randy Orton were juggernauts in the world of professional wrestling and remain one of the greatest teams in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment and professional wrestling overall!

Though it has been years since we've seen these "four horsemen" saddle up with one another, Flair recently had a reunion with Randy Orton as he helped drive the wielder of the RKO away from his loss against Drew McIntyre. This year's Hell In A Cell gave us our latest match between the two rivals after having butted heads a number of times this year, giving us a big time victory for Orton which makes for a historic number of times that he has won the World Championship Belt, and leaves us with the question of whether or not this rivalry has been squashed or if these two super stars will once again do battle in November's Survivor Series. As Survivor Series remains one of the biggest events for the WWE, there's definitely nothing being left off the table.

WWE On BT Sport shared this amazing factoid that lists not only Randy Orton's achievements in becoming the heavyweight champion for World Wrestling Entertainment, but also lists the past accomplishments in this realm for Triple H, Ric Flair, and Dave Bautista to round out Evolution:

Orton remains the only member of the four that made up Evolution that is still wrestling on the regular, though all three still remain linked to the WWE in different ways. As this championship win means big things for Randy Orton's career, we have to wonder if it also might be hinting that another Evolution reunion might be in store for fans in the future of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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