WWE Storyline Injury Updates on Jey Uso, Otis

Following last night's edition of WWE SmackDown, WWE has provided storyline injury updates on Jey Uso and Otis. Uso was attacked viciously on the show by Kevin Owens, who looks to be moving into a Universal Championship feud with Roman Reigns. After weeks of Uso destroying talent on behalf of Reigns, he took some of his own medicine when Owens used the chair that he brought into the ring to take him out.

Otis was the victim of a Jey Uso attack earlier in the night. WWE's storyline explanation was that Otis is suffering from multiple areas of contusions and tenderness of the muscles in his spinal region. The explanation for Usos' injuries was that he has bilateral upper extremity weaknessnes following the chair shots from Owens.

Here's the WWE statement published to WWE.com:

Following Friday Night SmackDown, WWE Digital has learned the status of two blue brand Superstars.

Otis was evaluated by WWE Medical following Jey Uso's attack. The evaluation revealed multiple areas of contusions and tenderness of the muscles throughout the thoracic spine region. Examination of the bony regions of the thoracic spine and ribs did not reveal any abnormalities.

Jey Uso was sent to the trainer's room following his match with Kevin Owens and the ringside physician's evaluation revealed bilateral upper extremity weakness as a result of stretching of the lower cervical nerve roots from the chair strikes. The belief is that this weakness is temporary and should resolve over the next few days.

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This morning on Talking Smack, a promo segment between Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman aired to continue to build-up Owens' eventual match with Reigns. It was some real must-see television. You can watch clips from the interview at this link.

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