WWE's Matt Riddle Shows New Look Following Rehab

Matt Riddle is sporting a new look following his WWE suspension and trip to rehab. The former United States Champion and UFC fighter was written off TV back on Dec. 5 via an attack from Solo Sikoa. It was later reported Riddle had failed a pair of drug tests in 2022 and was told by the company he could either enter rehab or be released from his contract. Riddle entered rehab in December and has since posted a number of updates, including photos with his new girlfriend, spending time with his kids and the confirmation that he finally earned his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

Over the weekend, Riddle popped back up on Twitter to reveal he had purchased a grill and had grown out his mustache. You can see the end result below:

"I've been working a lot on myself lately and have been saying no and setting boundaries for the first time ever and certain people aren't happy about it, but I couldn't be healthier or happier. Thank you for all the support," Riddle tweeted back in late December.

It's unclear when WWE will bring Riddle back to television. Outside of feuding with The Bloodline, "The Original Bro's" biggest storyline had been his unlikely friendship with Randy Orton as RK-Bro. All signs pointed to the two eventually breaking up and feuding, but Orton has been out of action since last May with a serious back injury and it's still unknown when he'll be cleared to compete again.

"One of the main reasons me and Riddle come across as so happy in the ring together is...he's the one guy that can grow my favorite strain. I'm not lying," Orton told The Ringer last year regarding his partnership with Riddle. "Seriously, I'm having fun out there. Monday, they had me put on a graduation cap and gown. Whenever they are tasking me some with kind of ridiculous stuff, you wouldn't think you would see Randy Orton in a cap and gown. I laughed because I was excited because I knew the fans were going to be like, 'what the hell is he doing?' After the career that I've had and all the somewhat monotonous intensity, I did that for so long, if I crack a smile and break the fourth wall or whatever, if you can tell I'm having fun at this point in my career, I feel like it draws you in more because I was so against letting people in before. It was just 'character, character, character. I have to be mean and angry and intense and they have to believe I want to rip this guys head off.' Now, I can still do that, but I've been around long enough to where, I get let off easy when I break character or when I do things that maybe a babyface wouldn't do. There might be a sign in Gorilla that says 'no eyepokes,' and even though in parenthesis it doesn't say 'except Randy Orton,' I know it's still there. I can get away with this, but compared to the stuff I used to get away with, if I get away with an eyepoke, it's okay. I'm having fun and staying true to who I am as a heel, which is what brought me to the dance, but I'm able to have more leniency with how I do that,"