WWE's Nia Jax Addresses Social Media Backlash

Nia Jax, one of the biggest female wrestlers within WWE's roster, has received some heat from the [...]

Nia Jax, one of the biggest female wrestlers within WWE's roster, has received some heat from the organization itself, as well as from social media, with her recent incident of injuring Kairi Sane in a match that saw the latter receiving a head injury as a result of Jax's actions in the ring. In a recent interview with an outlet, Jax was asked how she reacts to fans' opinions and how she is able to keep her cool when it comes to wading through numerous comments that are sent her way based on the events within the World Wrestling Entertainment!

Nia Jax has changed up her character within the organization from time to time, though her brutality has been something that has been a criticism for the wrestler outside of the ring. With this being the second time that Jax has injured Sane, with a previous incident taking place in April that saw Nia botching a buckle bomb during a taping of WWE Raw, many are calling for the wrestler to be fired as a result of this latest incident. Jax herself has also garnered some heat for a previous match that had her punching Becky Lynch and breaking her nose in the process, adding more fuel to the fire.

WWE Nia Jax Social Media
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In chatting with the news outlet, TalkSPORT, Nia Jax had this to say regarding how she personally handles the outpour of criticism from social media:

"I feel like every person or character who would say 'oh, whatever they say doesn't bother me' are kind of lying. Because I am working for the approval of an audience. Whether it be hating or loving, I want their reaction."

She notes how seeing the constant stream of negativity shot her way definitely can be difficult but has to take a step back from time to time:

"So when you're on Twitter and you see it constantly, it can definitely get to you a little bit. It's like 'wow, all I'm seeing is negativity.' But when I step back and I actually immerse myself into the WWE Universe – like when I get to see the crowd and fans – I know that's just a small percentage on Twitter who have nothing better to do than hate on somebody."

Nia also noted that the real life fans give her a boost in their support, which is far different from what she receives online:

"The fans in real life are so welcoming, so giving and so understanding, I've had nothing but positive feedback from them and I'm super grateful for that."

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