Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Explain How Producers Would Try to Force Drama on Total Divas

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were discussing the ongoing filming of Total Bellas Season 6 during the [...]

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were discussing the ongoing filming of Total Bellas Season 6 during the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast this week when the subject of Total Divas came up. The pair were members of the show's main cast from Seasons 1-8 and found themselves at the center of quite a few dramatic moments. But as they explained it, a lot of that came from the producers interfering and stirring up drama.

"Brie and I, when we were on Total Divas, we felt like it was starting to get that way [constant drama] and it was kind of tough on us because we just didn't know what was authentic and when we did Total Bellas, all of a sudden, we got to the point where we have to walk away from [Total] Divas, and just do Bellas but we have to make sure Bellas, they just let us be authentic," Nikki said (h/t POST Wrestling for transcript). "It used to be our constant — I don't wanna say argument but where we kind of like bump heads with production because they would push certain things or cause certain things and we'd just be like, 'Don't do that. These are twins, it's naturally going to happen. Just keep the camera rolling. We will get in a fight once a day...'"

"Don't worry, you're gonna get your drama," Brie added.

The two released their memoir, Incomparable, back in May in which they shed some light on certain stories from their time in WWE. At one point Nikki blasted the company for how they handled her neck injury, which wound up needing surgery.

"I asked for an MRI, but they told me that it wouldn't show anything," Bella wrote. "They had no answer when I explained that my legs were going numb and giving out on me in matches, that I could only lie down in bed for a few hours at a time. Finally I had an MRI. I was in Austin, Texas, and I was backstage. A doctor came up to me to say: 'Just so you know, we're not going to find anything.' I would have given anything for that to be true."

Bella wrote that at one point she texted a WWE official, "Is it because I'm a woman that I don't get the same treatment as the male Superstars?"

Season 6 of Total Bellas will premiere on E! in Fall 2020.