WWE Reportedly Planning on Live Crowd at SummerSlam

WrestleMania 31 was a massive success for WWE, even despite the challenges posed not only by the pandemic but also Tampa's volatile weather. Despite a rain delay early on, things picked up quickly afterwards, and having a live crowd in the stadium was a huge benefit to the show and to the WWE superstars making it all happen in the ring. According to Sports Illustrated, that's why the current plan is reportedly to have a live crowd in the building for SummerSlam as well, even if WWE hasn't returned to full-time live crowds and house shows yet.

WWE returned to the ThunderDome for the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 37, and they will continue to hold shows there until they can return to a full-time schedule with crowds. Big Events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam will be the exceptions just because of how big those shows typically are for WWE, but they won't be bringing crowds back for other events until they can go all-in so to speak.

Having a live crowd again definitely gave WrestleMania an epic sort of feeling that fans loved, and if WWE hasn't returned to live crowds all the time by SummerSlam, it will likely be just as well received.

Granted, it will be up to WWE to book as strong a show as they did for WrestleMania, especially in terms of main events. Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns vs Edge vs. Daniel Bryan both delivered in terms of quality and buzz, and if they can do the same for SummerSlam, they should have another special event on their hands.

To kick off WrestleMania 37, Vince McMahon and the WWE roster came out to the entrance ramp as McMahon welcomed the crowd and detailed just how they've been missed.


"Throughout this past year our WWE Superstars performed tirelessly for all of you. Week after week, month after month but we all knew there was something missing, something very important, THE most important, and that would be all of you, our fans, the WWE Universe," McMahon said. "And as we emerge from this dreadful pandemic on behalf of our entire WWE family, we would simply like to say thank you and welcome you to, WRESTLEMANIA!"

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