Wrestlemania 2021 Is Rumoured To Change Locations

Wrestlemania is easily the biggest event for World Wrestling Entertainment year in and year out, but in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that the organization might have to make some changes to next year's event, as it is rumored that the original location might be changing. This year's Wrestlemania took place at WWE's Performance Center, televising to an empty audience over the course of two nights, with pre-recorded events such as the "Boneyard Match" and "Firefly Funhouse" that have added a new layer to the world of professional wrestling which many fans have responded to in kind!

According to outlet "Inside The Ropes", Vince McMahon is considering moving the location of next year's event from California, wherein Wrestlemania 37 was scheduled to take place in Ingelwood, to Florida, where it would more than likely be held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. While we have yet to get an official reason as to why this move would happen, or if the move is even happening at all, we would imagine that it is bron from COVID-19, as has been the case with many changes that McMahon and the WWE have had to put into action in the past!

TV Host John Alba added this today with regards to the potential move after speaking to a representative at World Wrestling Entertainment:

While matches announced for Wrestlemania are still a ways off, we would imagine that the seeds are already being sowed within the matches that take place in their monthly pay-per-view events as well as their weekly shows in Smackdown and Raw. One big change that would come from this new venue would of course be a name change as Wrestlemania 37 was originally dubbed Wrestlemania Hollywood. Regardless, if the upcoming annual event is able to hit the same heights as earlier this year, we think fans will be happy.

Vince McMahon has been making the news a lot in the past few hours thanks to the revelation that World Wrestling Entertainment would apparently be "overtaking" their stars' Twitch channels, following the CEO thinking negatively of these outlets being created in the first place. Though we don't know if this is going to happen one hundred percent, it certainly seems as if some big changes are in the works for this outlet that some of WWE's biggest super stars used!


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Via Inside The Ropes