Yu-Gi-Oh Censors One of Its Gorgeous Trading Cards

Over the years, series like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh have become accustomed to censorship practices. The titles have bee subjected to edits regardless of their format from film to television. Of course, there trading card games are no different, and fans have just realized a favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card is being censored for its English debut.

Over on Reddit, the user blazalt noticed something odd about a new card. The card for 'Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians' has come to the U.S. for players after having gone around the Japanese circuit. It was there the fan realized the English card is censored, and it is because of Selene's cleavage.

As you can see below, the Yu-Gi-Oh cards are identical to one another save for their busts. Selene is wearing a low-cut dress in the Japanese card that shows off her cleavage. But in the English card, fans will see her bust has been covered by some sort of slip. As for the rest of the card, it is the same, but it seems the English TCG wasn't about to let this much cleavage fly.

Sadly, our mommy "Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians" is censored in TCG from r/yugioh

Like you might have guessed, Yu-Gi-Oh fans are more bewildered by the decision than upset. In the past, Yu-Gi-Oh has had to censor some of its darker material, but this bust cover-up seems a bit extreme. The dress which Selene dons for the Japanese card isn't that sultry, and its English disguise does not blend in that well. But when it comes to players, the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG would rather be safe than sorry with any controversial content.


While there are plenty of adults who play the card game, the TCG has been aimed at kids for a long time. There are certainly parents who would be upset with Selene's cleavage even if older players do not mind. So for the sake of Yugi and his grandfather Solomon, we can agree to disagree and move on from this controversial blip.

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