Adult Swim Cosplay Cup Winner Stuns with Aku Cosplay

When Samurai Jack returned to give us the long awaited conclusion after over a decade long hiatus on the Cartoon Network programming block of Adult Swim, the series gave us a much darker interpretation of the world of the time travelling samurai and one fan at the recent Adult Swim Con gave us a unique take on the ultimate evil of the series, Aku! Throughout the four seasons of Samurai Jack, the stalwart samurai was attempting to undo the evil that was released as Aku arose from his slumber and enacted his vengeance upon the world while flinging Jack through time!

Though the legendary animated series wrapped on Adult Swim, the franchise is continuing with an upcoming video game, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, that will release next month. Aku made for an imposing, albeit often hilarious villain in the world of Samurai Jack, originally voiced by the well known voice actor of Mako. Mako, who had also given a voice to Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender, unfortunately was not able to finish out his role, having passed before the arrival of the fourth season. Aku's voice for the final season came from voice actor, Greg Baldwin, who will be revisiting the role in the video game releasing in August.

Instagram Cosplayer CircusofMissJo shared their Aku Cosplay, snagging the grand prize award at the virtual Adult Swim Con 2020, bringing a brand new flavor to the ultimate evil that is Aku:

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TGIF and.............I won Grand Prize in the Adult Swim Cosplay Cup!!!!!! I loved seeing the creativity everyone brought to the competition, which is always one of my favorite parts of cosplay contests! The hosts and judges (shoutout to @kieraplease!) had such great energy and I had a blast. Thank you @genndy_tartakovsky for creating the series that has been a HUGE inspiration to me since childhood, to @phillamarr for voicing one of my childhood idols, @gregbaldwiniroh for voicing Aku in Season 5, @cartoonnetworkofficial and @adultswim for making this all happen, and my darling love of my life @sojourn_creations joining the stream and recording it and cheering me on! Now on to finish my work day before I join in on the Samurai Jack showcase! “I am Aku, this world is Aku, and everything in it is Aku!!!!” Photo by @aleestudios #akucouturecosplay #akucouture #akucosplay #adultswimcosplaycup #adultswimcosplay #samuraijackcosplay

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