Adult Swim Highlights Fall 2021 Lineup in New Promo

Adult Swim has highlighted its Fall 2021 line up with a new promo! With Summer reaching its final [...]

Adult Swim has highlighted its Fall 2021 line up with a new promo! With Summer reaching its final weeks with series such as Rick and Morty's fifth season coming to an end fairly soon, Adult Swim is already looking ahead to what they will be offering as the year comes to an end. This includes not only previous projects announced to be in the works, but some new additions to the Adult Swim schedule as well such as the newly announced (and shown off) Teenage Euthanasia and Blade Runner: Black Lotus, the new animated series in collaboration with Crunchyroll.

Adult Swim debuted a new promo highlighting some of their projects coming with new episodes in the Fall 2021 season including the aforementioned Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Teenage Euthanasia, and teased new episodes for Robot Chicken, Squidbillies, and Joe Pera Talks With You. This new promo doesn't include some of the projects still in development, however, such as Smiling Friends. You can check it out below as spotted by @swimpedia on Twitter:

None of the shows included in this promo have confirmed any concrete release details, and that's why the promo doesn't include some in the works additions scheduled for the Fall such as Smiling Friends, Three Busy Debras' second season, and reported to be in development second season of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. It's yet to be fully confirmed whether or not these projects will be ready for air in time for the Fall, but this promo is still a good indication of how much is on the way.

There are also in development series such as new episodes of Squidbillies, which have yet to officially announce a replacement for the Stuart Baker, who had voiced Early Cuyler until he was fired from the series following a string of offensive comments posted on social media. But thankfully seeing it included in this promo here means that production on the series has moved forward towards its Fall premiere.

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