Attack On Titan Reveals Eren and Zeke's Dark Plan

The first half of Attack On Titan's fourth season has come to a close, and in doing so, has given [...]

The first half of Attack On Titan's fourth season has come to a close, and in doing so, has given us an insane battle which is about to take place between Eren Jaeger, the Attack Titan, and Reiner, the Armored Titan. With Eren using his followers, "The Jaegerists", to overtake the military within the walls of Eldian civilization, it's clear that the Jaeger siblings are attempting to change the world in a way that will permanently alter the world for both Eldians and the nation of Marley alike.

Eren has been pulling off some insane actions since he premiered in the fourth season, launching an attack against the nation of Marley, grotesquely absorbing the power of the War Hammer Titan, and working alongside the Beast Titan to enact the "Euthanasia Plan". By using the threat of the "Rumbling", Eren and Zeke are attempting to make it so that Eldians will never have to experience the tragedy of their world by using the power of the Founding Titan to make it so that their fellow Children of Ymir are never born to begin with. With no new Eldians being born, the race would simply die of old age, and the Titan power would fade into the nether alongside them.

Attack On Titan Dark Plan
(Photo: MAPPA)

In order to pull off this plan, Eren and Zeke have mixed Titan spinal fluid into the wine of the higher-ups within the Eldian military, making it so that soldiers like Pyxs can be transformed into Titans themselves at any moment with a well-placed scream by the eldest Jaeger sibling. On top of this, the Jaeger brothers have captured the majority of the Survey Corps in order to make sure that their plans go off without a hitch, but that isn't enough to stop Marley's advances, as the episode comes to a close with Reiner and a glut of soldiers making their way to Paradis.

Eren Jaeger has taken a decidedly different role from what we've seen in the past three seasons, deciding to take matters into his own hands and it's clear that the line between hero and villain for Jaeger is continuing to blur as he moves against his friends to enact the "Euthanasia Plan".

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