Attack on Titan Combines Two Titans with a Brutal Victory

Attack on Titan combined two Titans with a brutal victory in the newest episode. The war with Marley has officially kicked off in full now that Eren and the Survey Corps have made their first aggressive move against the country on the other side of the ocean, and they have come face to face with Marley's special Titans as a result. Eren had been using his Attack Titan transformation to fight against the War Hammer Titan in the previous episode, but things got more intense with the newest episode as the other Titans got involved in the fight.

Episode 66 of the series sees Eren continue to try to bite through the War Hammer Titan's host diamond shell as he did in the previous episode, but when he finds a way through with the "help" of the Jaw Titan's power, Eren ends up taking victory in a brutal fashion and devouring the War Hammer Titan in a shower of blood. Thus, adding that new power to his own.

Throughout the episode Eren's biggest challenge was getting through the War Hammer Titan host's diamond shell. Protecting herself much like Annie did, Eren found that even his Attack Titan powers couldn't bite through the shell on its own. But as he fought against the Jaw Titan, he figured out that the Jaw Titan's claws and jaws had the hardness he needed to break through the shell.

But rather than tearing off the Jaw Titan's arms to use the claws, Eren tears off its arms to make it vulnerable. Placing the diamond shell within the Jaw Titan's mouth and lifting it into the air, Eren crushes the War Hammer Titan within the Jaw Titan's mouth and it leads to a geyser of blood that drips down into Eren's mouth -- adding that power to his own. It's a gruesome scene as Porco is forced to watch himself being used in this way, and Mikasa seems to be distressed by this level of brutality as well.

It's certainly a way to expand his own power, and now Eren is that much stronger moving forward. What did you think of Eren eating the War Hammer Titan like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!