Attack on Titan Season 4 Teases First Opening Details

Attack on Titan has begun teasing the first details for the new opening theme with its fourth and final season. Although the debut of Attack on Titan's final season will be in just a couple of days from now, the series has been playing coy as to what fans can expect from this final wave of episodes. Outside of the first trailer released several months ago that announced that the final season would be handled by new studio MAPPA (rather than WIT Studio from the first three seasons), fans really are going into the final season pretty blindly.

As new set of reports for Attack on Titan's final season opening theme have appeared (h/t @Dacsubs on Twitter) that reveal details for this new theme. First it was noted that Shinsei Kamattechan (who previously performed the Season 2 ending, "Yuugure no Tori") will be behind the new opening titled "My War."

According to the report, the new opening for Attack on Titan's final season will be storyboarded by series director Yuchiro Hayashi and was made by Studio MAPPA themselves rather than being outsourced to a different studio. It was also noted that the new opening will be completely spoiler free (and might not even feature any characters), so fans who have noted read ahead in the manga will likely have nothing to worry going in.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Final Armin Anime
(Photo: MAPPA)

These reports for the Attack on Titan's final season opening theme have not been confirmed by Studio MAPPA, so it's best to take this information with a healthy dose of salt. But it won't be long before fans see what the final season will bring themselves as Attack on Titan will be making its debut in Japan on December 7th. The season will also be streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation upon its debut, and Funimation will be releasing a SimulDub for the series at a later date.


Fans have had a number of concerns for Attack on Titan's final season ever since it was announced a new studio would be taking over, but with its premiere coming so soon fans will be able to watch and decide for themselves whether or not the season is in good hands. But what do you think?

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